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Sinai Map LaReineHotelLanguage:

Official language is Arabic. English, French and German are frequently spoken.


GMT + 2 hours


To enter Egypt you need a passport which is valid minimum for 6 months. Child documents of identification must contain a passport picture. For German citizens the identity card is enough since October 2002. You get the Egyptian visa at the airport "it costs 15$" whereby the respective travel agencies care for the entire completion. For the Sinai Egypt differentiates between the large and the small visa. For Dahab the small visa is enough until 14 days stay " its free of charge". This visa applies only to the Sinai and excludes Ras Mohamed.

Eat  Drink LaReine HotelDahabEat & drink:

The Egyptian cooking art conciders the best tastes of the Middle East kitchen. Meanwhile there are many dishes for European taste.


Inoculation are not necessary.


Your travelagent or we take care for your transfer to our hotel.


The voltage is 220V.


National currency is the Egyptian Pound (LE) = 100 Piastres (PT). LA REINE prefers cash in Euro, but accept in addition, MASTER and VISAS CARD. In Dahab are several ATM machines in the main shopping street.


It is usual to give for each service a tip (5-10 % of the invoice amount in the hotels and in restaurants, tourist guides...). In LA REINE we have tipboxes, in which you can put a small obulus for our staff.


Light cottonclothes in the summer, warmer clothes for colder evenings in the winter. Sun protection, sun glasses and head coverage not to forget.

Religion LaReine HotelDahabClimate:

Hot and dry in the summer, in the winter dry and during the day warm with cold nights. Barely rain.


Majority Egyptian are Muslims. Please show consideration of the faith and omit e.g. kisses on the road or even "topless".


is a little bedouine-village on the peninsula of sinai at the gulf of Aqaba approx. 90 km north of Sharm-el-Sheikh and it means “gold” in arabic. The tribe of the MezeinahSinaikarte was established here long time ago. The mixture of the traditional bedouins and the young visitors to Dahab Assala makes a completely different atmosphere than it normally is in tourist destinations.

Dahab developed from a hippy village to a dive spot with a well functioning infrastructure. The village originally consisting of four parts almost grew together today. The northernmost part, Assalah, is the former bedouin village.

in the tourist center called Masbat with the Lighthouse, you find restaurants, bazaars, Cafés, Bars at the beach. 0.5 km south of Masbat you can find our hotel. Not far away from the bustle, but nevertheless far enough, in order to find at night the necessary silence. Southernmost is Dahab town center. Here are the city administration, the post office, gas stations and banks.

Diving in DahabDiving

the diving sport was introduced end of the sixties. From the hardcore-destination for loners Dahab was established to a well developed diving destination. Whom Hurghada and Sharm is too overflowed, Nuweiba too spartan, gonna feel good in Dahab. All dives will be done from land and are organized by us with jeeps or Pick-up. Missing anchor- and landingplaces keeps Dahab so far from mass diving tourism from the south. The kilometer-long reef along the coast of Dahab offers you an ideal spot with about 30 diving-sites for divers of all experience stages.


snorkeling-suitable sites are everywhere in Dahab. Also at the famous diving spots “Blue-hole” and “Canyon” you can have lots of fun snorkling. .Dahab

restaurantsMeals & drinks

we offer a large variety of national and international meals in our restaurant. A rich buffet or a three-course meal (with half-board) refreshes your energy for your diving days. Otherwise we offer a la Carte meals.


Dahab is an absolute Low budget spot, compared to Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh.Higher flying costs can be compensated easily by the low prices standard. Lunches are available for a few euro, a complete meal is about five euro.

Dahab shopClimate

in Dahab extremely dry desert climate with summer temperatures up to 40°C prevails. Due to the mountains, which penetrate close to the coastal line, however sometimes the temperature during the "cold winter months" January and February falls down to 15° Celsius. Just as well it can be up to 27° Celsius.


in the winter time a jacket and warm pullovers for the colder evenings might be needed. In the summer light cotton clothes. .Strand in Dahab

Best travel time

Dahab can be traveled the whole year. High season prevails in the winter around Christmas and in the summer. Most pleasant travel time for europeans are the months April until June and October, November, if the sea is still pleasantly warm (23 to 27° degrees Celsius). But also the months between are recommended specially for divers who prefer quiter dive sites and lower prices.

Medical care

medical basic care is given in Dahab, for larger treatments a transfer to Sharm is recommendable. In front of our hotel there is an physician and a pharmacy.


in Dahab there are several banks, the national bank maintains branches in Dahab town center and at the bus station. In Assala there are 2 cashmachines. The machinees are working usually without any problems with all usual cards. We recommend to have however in each case at least Visa or MasterCard. A taking along of foreign currency is not necessary (anymore): Euro are changed at every bank without problem.